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Mix it like a Record

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Join mixer/ producer Charles Dye in the studio as he teaches you how to get big sounding, record-quality results with your mixes. Learn about getting amazing sounds with plug-ins, breathing emotion into the music with automation, and making the artist sound like a star.

Each instrument has its own chapter that make up “The Tracks” section of the DVD. An entire section is dedicated to Automation- 8 Automation chapters total. While the majority of the course is spent in the studio working with the tracks, we also go on location across the USA to discuss mixing theories and concepts.

At the core of MiLaR are the Pro Tools sessions. They are like finding a diamond mine of information that unveil the world of professional mixing as soon as they are launched.

TDM and LE versions run on Pro Tools|HD Accel, Pro Tools|HD, Pro Tools|24 MIX, Pro Tools M-Powered and Pro Tools LE. The moment you open the Pro Tools session template that Charles starts the mix with and you may never approach mixing that same way again.


Everyone loves screen-based, QuickTime movies because of their intimacy with the interface. Kagi Media gives you a selection of plug-in movies as part of the MiLaR program.

MiLaR includes the DVD Video, the DVD ROM and the Streaming Movies and Pro Tools Sessions in the BackStage area of kagimedia.com. Get massive ROM content, Pro Tools Sessions, Streaming Movies and DVD Video all in one package.

Mix It Like A Record Includes

  • Mixing instruction on 9 GIG DVD
  • 40 Pro Tools sessions for LE + TDM
  • Online Assets
  • Dye FX Session Template
  • Custom Dye Presets for Every Plug
  • Refreshing Charles Dye mixing theory
    SKILL LEVEL Intermediate to Advanced
Images of harddisklife.com

Go into the studio with Charles. Open Up the provided Pro Tools sessions on your rig and follow along!