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Kagi Media presents HardDiskLife.com

Kagi Media, producer of pioneering Pro Audio training products, is pleased to be hosting 
multi-platinum Grammy-winning engineer, mixer and producer Charles Dye’s Hard Disk Life. Jon Kagi, creative director at Kagi Media, recalls how it all came about.

“I already knew Charles Dye was a professional who embraced forward technology. After all, he was the first mixer to have a #1 hit mixed entirely inside the box. I recognized Charles as a great writer and communicator when I started following the HDL column at Digidesign.com. I caught up with Charles when he came through Seattle on a DigiWorld Tour where he was teaching a mixing Master Class. I suggested that creating a website based on the vision of the HDL column would be an excellent compliment to some of the stuff that we’re doing at Kagi Media.”

The rest is history and the time is now.
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Creative Energy:
It was through a relationship that Kagi Media Creative Director Jon Kagi had with mixer Charles Dye that we developed Hard Disk Life. Charles Dye (Jon Bon Jovi, Lauryn Hill, Sammy Hagar, Julio Iglesias) is not only an accomplished professional, but also a proven educator as witnessed by his ground breaking Pro Tools mixing column Hard Disk Life and well received World Tours where Dye teaches mixing. Forging the expertise of Kagi Media with the keen insights of Charles Dye has yielded an exciting creative force.

HdL is Reborn:
The goal of Hard Disk Life now is to provide users with new media and tools so that they can learn to mix professionally. Dye is the Chief Consultant for all projects that bear the Hard Disk Life name and has authored our first HdL training program.

Mix It Like A Record:
Our first Hard Disk Life offering is Mix It Like A Record- The 3-Part Comprehensive Mixing Course. In Mix It Like A Record, Charles Dye teaches you how to get big sounding, record-quality results with your mixes. The 3-part mixing course covers theoretical concepts like translating the artists vision and finding a direction for your mix, and practical applications like getting amazing sounds with plug-ins, breathing emotion into the music with automation, and making the artist sound like a star. Centered around a great song, arrangement, performance and production we offer you a comprehensive collection of audiovisual learning tools.