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Shipping Support:

Shipping: Mix It Like A Record and The Production Bundle Only- (CreateSpace.com Orders): With CreateSpace.com, our fulfillment company your shipment will go out Standard USPS for USA orders and USPS Global Priority for International Orders. Shipping is calculated at checkout based on your location. When your order through CreateSpace.com you effectively create an “account” with them. When you get your order confirmation from CreateSpace.com it includes all of your shipment tracking options. If you have problems with CreateSpace.com orders contact their support: https://www.createspace.com/Contact.jsp CreateSpace.com Support. Generally, they arrive 5-7 business days from date of shipment, but naturally; International can take longer.

Shipping: HUSTLE HARDER XXL, Pro Tools® HF_SC and THE VICTORY BUNDLE Only- (PayPal Orders): These products qualify for Credit Card or PayPal and orders ship from Nashville TN using Standard USPS for USA orders and USPS Global Priority for International Orders. Shipping is not calculated and it is simply a flat rate for USA or International. Weekly shipments are made at least every Tuesday but we try to ship daily. Generally, they arrive 5-7 business days from date of shipment, but naturally; International can take longer. PayPal Sales and Fulfillment Contact: (206) 321-6133 or Skype: kagimedia -or you can email us by using your PayPal Purchase verification email.

Product Support:

Please look over the items on this page to see if your problem has been addressed.

We offer full technical support to those who provide proof of purchase. This may be in the form of a sales receipt or confirmation email you received at time of purchase. Also, please provide a full system profile if the issue involves a computer system.

All support requests should be mailed to: [email protected] (with proof of purchase & full system profile)

Playback Issues:

IF YOU RECIEVED YOUR COPY OF A KAGI PRODUCT FROM CreateSpace.com and have any playback issues please contact them directly for a new disk: https://www.createspace.com/Contact.jsp

Registering your DVD for online extras


Part Three of MiLaR, the online extras, can be accessed by registering here at harddisklife.com (home page- lower left) once you receive the DVD. You will then be issued a password to access the online extras. Once you receive the password, you can login at kagimedia.com: http://www.kagimedia.com/Products/MiLaR/MiLaR.html by clicking “LOGIN-  BackStage Movies” (left of page) and entering your registered user name and password.

If you click “Register” and then fill in the form. Please be assured we have your submission and will send you the password as soon we can. However, the system is not yet automated so expect possible delays.

MiLaR DVD Content and Manufactured Versions:

There are two versions of the Mix It Like A Record DVDs. THEY BOTH CONTAIN THE EXACT SAME DATA. One is a DVD-9 Dual layer disk that holds all data. And the other is a pair of DVD-5 Single layer disks with the data divided between the two disk set. Again, all versions contain the exact same data.

CRITICAL MiLaR AUDIO PLAYBACK INFORMATION: Disable any and all Dolby dynamic range compression or similar features in your DVD player preferences. Using consumer audio features will restrict the playback range of the MiLaR program. To hear the true sound of the session material we demonstrate, these features must be disabled.In OSX on a Mac using “DVD Player.app”
Go to Preferences>Disk Setup and choose: “Disable Dolby dynamic range compression”.

On Windows based systems there are too many different DVD playback software to list. We will give you one example.

In Windows XP using Cyberlink Power DVD, go to Configuration>Audio>Advanced>Miscellaneous. And choose: “Quite Environment: Experience the full dynamic range of Dolby digital sound”.

Some DVD playback software will loose the preference settings when they are quit. Therefore, whenever you play the MiLaR DVD program you need to make sure these settings are correct.

MiLaR_ROM.zip: Un-Zip Error in OSX


Many customers have successfully opened the file MiLaR_ROM.zip (found on the ROM Layer of the DVD). We have successfully opened it as well on several Mac and PC computers at Kagi Media and in Beta testing.

We received a report that MiLaR_ROM.zip would not Un-Zip using StuffIt Deluxe 9 in OSX Tiger. An error was thrown by the application stating the “file is corrupt”; which it is not. We conclude the error is some kind of OS/APP versioning quirk.

Here are some options to open the MiLaR_ROM.zip file should you encounter this error:

1. In OSX Tiger 10.4.2, Control-Clicking MiLaR_ROM.zip gives you the option to use BOMArchiveHelper from the contextual menu.

BOMArchiveHelper is an OSX Core Services application and it un-zipped the file in all of our tests.

On earlier versions of OSX, such as Panther 10.3.9, BOMArchiveHelper may not appear in the contextual menu when you Control-Click MiLaR_ROM.zip.

If BOMArchiveHelper does not appear in the contextual menu then you can navigate to it from the contextual menu by choosing “Other” and following this path: YourSystemHardDrive>System>Library>CoreServices>BOMArchiveHelper.

2. Another method that was successful in our tests is to use ZipIt 2.2.2 (http://www.maczipit.com/download.html). ZipIt is shareware/nagware so you don’t have to purchase it but feel free to if you like.

Once downloaded there is a “Read me.pdf” that explains how to use it. Quote: “You can automatically decompress an archive by dragging it onto ZipIt and then holding down the option key”.

3. Use an earlier version of StuffIt Deluxe (such as StuffIt Deluxe 8) or use StuffIt Expander that comes with the OS.

4. You can also use a host of other programs (many are freeware) that will Un-Zip the file on PC or Mac computers.

If none of these methods are successful for you contact support at: 206 625-8681